Holy Light Vision


    Under the leadership of Bishop J. O. Lawson, the

ministry's vision continues to touch the lives of Holy Light's

members and the community via a Mission Program; social

media (to include Twitter and Facebook which utilizes

Bible based teachings of the New Testament); a Mid-week

Bible Study which offers Bible studies for different levels of

spiritual advancement (to include classes for our youth and

children); a Music Ministry; Women's Ministry; Men's

Fellowship, Evangelism; and sound, Bible-based, no-tricks,

no-gimmicks, no-false-promises preaching intended to build

the spiritual man first and foremost that he might be

enabled to function most productively in his natural affairs.

The focus is to inspire Christians to seek the righteousness

of God in all their undertakings in their walk in this life and

in all their interactions one with the other, so that God will

automatically grant success at both the spiritual

and natural levels according to the promise of Jesus.

(Matthew 6:33).

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